Ken Woodward

Ken Woodward

Inquiries are a gift, causing us to share what we know, think about how we see the world and reveal our perceptions and values. The answers can be delightful, horrifying or hilarious. We learn about ourselves and the world around us by asking satisfying questions and taking the time to listen to the answers. 

I have experienced great benefit from questions over the years. Investigating what I do and the motives behind the actions, saved my marriage and helped me to be a better father. Patient friends have been the most common source, but not the single source. It may have come from a book, a co-worker's off-hand comment, or a bumper sticker on a rusty old Volvo.

Not all answers come immediately; some require dwell time. The wait is ok. Sitting with uncertainty is a bit of a lost art. Google quickly provides all the factual answers. The inquiry is intended to probe areas that are overlooked, but when answered, can have a seismic shift in one's life.

I live in the Washington DC suburbs with my lovely bride and two grown children. I appreciate good questions and working through the answers, even the uncomfortable ones. Not all questions are hard; some are just fun. I asked my five-year-old cousin what her favorite number was and she replied: "101 because it is so HUUUGE!" 

I hope you enjoy the questions and use them to peel back the layers of your assumptions and inspire a life full of curiosity. Keep inquiring, after all; life is too grand just to observe like a social media feed.

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