The Home Of Inquiry Has Moved

Welcome to the blog where I began writing and sharing my love of questions.

I have shifted my focus to curating the worlds most important and interesting questions at the Curated Questions web site.

The guru’s we look to for wisdom, often say things like, “change your questions, change your life.” This is fantastic insight, however if you don’t know the right books to read or interviews to listen to, there isn’t a resource to visit to get a curated list of the best questions on a topic. This is the role of Curated Questions.

I am not arrogant enough to assume a middle-aged white guy living near Washington, DC will dream up all the best questions. My sources span the millennia, cultures, race, and any other boundaries that might hide the best questions. It is a work in progress and I would appreciate your input.

Lend your voice and grow the questions community, see you at!